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Thank you so much @anzelhair_singapore for this Marula Oil. It works perfectly on my hair. It doesn’t have the “oily” look after I’ve used it. And of course its Super Super Soft! It’s time to say goodbye to my split ends.

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Way before this, I’ve already actually made a few reviews about this Anzel Hair Serum. Own a few bottle of it and they knows how I personally love this! This time round, what’s special about this review is that this time, they are actually sponsoring us for our Miss World Singapore 2017!! Thank you @anzelhair_singapore Loving this serum as always!

I’ve been using this Anzel Hair Tonic every single day ever since I got it and it’s a really good product for your hair. It smells really nice and it helps to prevent hair loss, improve hair density and strengthen hair roots. Having a healthy hair is really important to me and it’s really easy to use as you just have to spray it to your scalp and massage it gently. If you guys have any problem with hair loss, you guys should definitely try this product out! Get yours at @kaisyahs

FelishaHazlynn, @felishahazlynn

People whom know me will know that I never like to give fake reviews .Only the best for the best of queen ! Therefore ,I choose this lovely hair tonic from @kaisyahs at only $30 for a smooth healthy hair! The smell is all too good ,no oily hair only healthy ones ! Do follow and support them girls .

Chacha Lenora, @lenoraxx_

Thank you @anzalnanasir88 . I love your Anzel hair tonic! I’ve been using it for a week and I love the wonders and even the scent that it leaves on my hair! It helps nourish your hair if you’re facing hair lost and prevent balding scalp. I liked, one of the ingredient that is “Joji berries” . Stokist for this amazing product is at @anzelhair_singapore

I believe it takes time to see results. Been using Anzel Hair spray for almost 2 months now and it definitely never disappoint. For better results, I personally think you should spray on damp hair you’ll see the difference! I’m already using the 2nd bottle, thank you @kaisyahs and I think I need to purchase another bottle of Marula oil

Nur Aqilah, @aqilahhn